Hijacking democracy and Catholic porcupines

Naturally I'm delighted at the Scottish governments decision to move forward with equal marriage. I am however concerned at the way those who have responded in the negative, have abused the democratic process.

I have heard several churchgoers openly admit that they filled in a personal response and ALSO sent
Walking all over democracy
off a postcard given to them by their church.

So Catholics against equal marriage got to be counted twice, while the rest of us only once!

And then you see the sanity of the statistics. When the postcard responses are included, the response goes against. As soon as you remove the double standard (responding twice or counting two responses from one person) the statistics flip almost to show the exact opposite!

It is eye opening to see that the Catholic church has to encourage its parishioners to defraud democratic process in an attempt to make itself look like a visible moral force. A bit like the porcupine that enlarges when feeling threatened but actually just looks bigger than it really is!

Catholicism is supposed to represent christianity, a vision of love, charity and truth.

Please excuse me while I stop choking. Not only encouraging dishonesty but in fact sponsoring it and furthermore actively driving it, has nothing to do with the kind loving God, that I worship.

As with the revelations of severe abuse in the Catholic church, they also have huge problems within their own parishes such as poverty, illegitimate births, pre and extra marital sex (all mortal sins), which they are far less vocal about and appear to be sidelining over an issue that comparatively speaking affects a very tiny number of their members.

This tells me that it's not about morality. It's about power. Catholic Cardinal O'Brien has declared war on equal marriage.

He chooses to go to war over an issue that he claims his members support him on. If indeed they do, then why is he spending resources on non catholic morality, which nobody has given him the mandate to do, rather than feed his own poor, teach sexual morality to his own parishes filling with illegitimate baptisms, and condemned sinners?

I'll tell you why. Because silent charity doesn't bring visibilty, and without visibility power is diluted.

In his war on equal marriage, poor catholic children, morally lost catholic men and women whose needs desperately need these funds wasted on their leaders political ambition, now become the collateral damage. I hope they have the sense to see this.

A Close catholic friend honestly told me that when she was given a postcard, she wasn't asked if she has already sent in a response, but rather encouraged to to send hers off, regardless of whether she had completed a full response or not.

So when we look at the issue, we need to decide whether the people speaking for us, are really taking our interests to heart, or just furthering their political visibility to enhance their careers.

It leaves a bad taste in my mouth when the thought that a spiritual leader would put his opposition to the rights of a minority above the welfare of his flock. Any comment?

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Ruthie Richards-Hill

Ruth, a free range human being and a middle aged mum of three adult children and very young grandmother to two little girls, is a glass artist, and a digital strategist, She retains the right to change her mind about anything and believes in a compassionate approach to most things, you can contact her using the contact page on this blog.

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  1. Hi just came across your blog post above and I must respond to the rather misinformed and ignorant understanding of the Catholic Church.
    I will endeavour to go through some points that arise in your blog entry above.
    The first is your accusation of abusing the democratic process; if you examine the issue of same sex marriage(SSM) you will find that homosexuals who want to be partners have legal rights through civil partnership.
    It is Scottish Government are abusing the democratic process by not making a referendum available on the question of SSM, in what amounts to a social experiment which is basically redefining a fundamental social norm.
    SSM is enshrining in Scottish Law sodomy. Let us not dress the issue up in niceness. Sodomy entails unnatural sex and has implications for the health of homosexuals. It is a vile act when it is compared to the natural sex between a man and a woman.
    As being accused of fraud I can ensure you my family were given cards which we filled in for each member of our family, ie total four. So are you accusing me of fraud? If the government wanted to strengthen the process of gathering information why does it not use a referendum?
    Both lobbies would then be subject to fair representation.
    You refer to the huge abuses of minors which were perpetrated by Catholic priests, yes this happened but not on the scale you mention. The Catholic Church because of this intrusion of filth has now one of the most stringent set of procedures to prevent such abominations occurring again.
    Your post becomes confused when you start to witter on about sinners in our church and illegitimate baptisms.
    Let me make this clear: Yes we are all sinners and that is why we need the Catholic Church which offers us redemption from sin. There is no such thing as an illegitimate baptism, I think you show a real lack of understanding here on basic Christianity.
    This lack of understanding is the real kernel of your argument against the Catholic Church.
    Let me make it quite clear. Practising Christians are against sodomy which SSM promotes. It is a sin and in our Christian and Catholic Faith is one of the sins that cry out for God`s vengeance. To understand this you would need to study what a Christian marriage really means. If you do so then you would understand why the Catholic church and also the Muslim faithful view the redefining of same sex marriage a direct attack on their faith.
    As a Catholic teacher my religious freedom is under threat because I disagree with SSM and homosexual activity, note I said homosexual activity not homosexual people, I could be open to accusations of bigotry, which I am certainly not.
    Be careful yourself because if the Scottish government can redefine social norms without referendum then just wait till it removes the terms father and mother from our society.
    That is where true hijacking of democracy will happen as it is happening already.