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Monday, 1 July 2013

Want a Freebie? Theres one born every minute.

Those who know me well, are aware that I love social media and some turkeys think social media stops at Facebook and Twitter.Like KFC South Africa. Its time to teach them a lesson.

How many of my South African readers want a Free Kentucky fried chicken meal?
Try finding the info and contact details for KFC in South Africa. Head Office contact number goes through to a voice-mail in the US. This company is only contactable through a third party outsourcing company that doesn't know what they're doing. In other words, while their customer service outsourced department is screwing up so royally, KFC South Africa cant even be made aware of it! And they don't want to be.

Just to prove it to you, if youre in South Africa and I mean ANYWHERE in South Africa, call this number
 0860 100 222 

1. complain about your meal. If you haven't bought one then pick one from their online menu.
2. Obviously you need to know the name of your local KFC branch and where it is.
3. They really are slow to act, so call them (and back it up by an email)every day and bug them about your free meal. They will be giving out lots of free meals very soon, so get on the band wagon and do it NOW!

But I dare you, just try it out. Phone them up and complain about any KFC meal. They will pay for your grief. Share this news with all your friends and take some pleasure in the heat they are feeling. Do it. Do it NOW!

 Anyone this stupid deserves what they get. Complain by phone, email AND to the local branch and demand that you are so dissatisfied that you want your meal replaced. Now remember this The devil is in the detail. Just complain and demand a replacement meal, you'll get one and so will all your friends who complain , and for a company that seems to have reason not to have a proper head office contact in the country of operation, it makes you wonder what they have to hide.

They are hiding behind a customer service solution that is clueless. They are clueless about people and clueless about online reputation management and since I decided to start digging after such a crap meal today, I'm surprised they're still in business at all. KFC is going to be the COMET and the HMV of South Africa. Play with me and watch!

I'm getting hold of a pal of mine at Chicken cottage and and Im going to show him the takeaway chicken business that is ripe for the harvesting, right out of KFC's tills. I'll buy the first Franchise


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