About me

A South African, Israeli, British lesbian convert to Christianity, covering issues such as homosexuality, Apartheid, corruption, social cohesion basically sex politics and religion .and much much more

1. I was born in South Africa.
2. I lived in Israel for five years.
3. I am a British Citizen
4. I live in Scotland
5. I am an Anglo Catholic (Scottish Episcopalian)that converted from Judaism
6. I speak English, Afrikaans, Hebrew, and enough Arabic and Zulu to get by.
7. I have three living children and five stepchildren
8. I am really into fair trade and cruelty free shopping
9. I have a dog, A German Shepherd cross
10. I am a Lesbian
12. I have an eclectic taste in music, and love everything from Chopin to Meatloaf.
13. I enjoy crime drama, House, Lost, Heroes and will tolerate X Factor and Oprah.
14. I have a taste for BDSM and am not ashamed to admit it.
15. I am epileptic.
16. Although my skin is lily white, I have a touch of the tar brush in my genes.